Why do we have reasonable price?

If you take charge of your company in the new solutions provided by us, you can have both :

  • Lower price for accounting
  • Saving of time

We focus on your cost not being higher than absolutely necessary.

 Here is our explanation of why we can keep good prices without compromising on quality.

What do you actually pay for:

  • You only have to pay for the time we actually spend. No minimum rate.
  • If you are systematic and scan everything that belongs to the accounts, you will save time for us and money for yourself.
  • We work very efficiently and you do not have to pay for coffee breaks, that we practice on new programs or have internal meetings.
  • The software solution (agreement directly with the suppliers). Modules as needed. You only pay for what you need and nothing extra.

What do you NOT actually pay for :

  • The job you do yourself – and you choose how much you do. Assumes you do it right and accept our tips when we see that something can be improved.
  • Transaction costs or administration fees
  • Back up solutions
  • Internal time or time we use to find out what we do not know in the first place.
  • Supplement for annual settlement papers etc. that many charge extra for.

What do we save on:

  • Paper-free solutions.
  • Low office rent.
  • We can work anytime and anywhere there is internet or mobile data.

No expensive programs – you have your own license and our access is free

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